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Why Is My Mother in Law so Negative

Question: My husband lied to me about the money his mother gave him, she told him to hide it from me, and he accepts it because he needs the money. She is an adult narcissist. I don`t know how much I can bear. How can I manage this? Dealing with an arrogant mother-in-law may seem intimidating, but there are healthy ways to do it. It is essential to set limits. Be clear to her when she is welcome and when she is not, and whether her feedback is necessary or not. In addition, there are also personal strategies that you can use to help you cope with their presence. Finding empathy, maintaining self-respect, and practicing acceptance are all ways to learn to cope with the effects of an authoritarian mother-in-law. Understanding the reasons for your mother-in-law`s behavior is a way to empathize with her. While you may not want to, accepting that your mother-in-law is just human can help you better cope with her dramatic and controlling nature.

Remember that she, too, is experiencing unpleasant days and may have to deal with her own problems. This, in turn, will teach you to build your own self-confidence, as you can now see your mother-in-law`s criticisms as possible projections of her own problems rather than as a reflection on your or your competence. Whenever there is an argument with the mother-in-law, she tells everything to my husband and he yells at me and says he is going to kill me and does not listen to my point of view, always supports his mother. What must I do? An arrogant mother-in-law may show up unexpectedly or invite herself to meetings and activities. He can do this to foment opportunities, criticize and assert his superiority. This is often done under the guise of their «concern for your family.» Open and honest communication with your partner is especially helpful when dealing with an arrogant mother-in-law. Make sure you`ve both discussed your boundaries when discussing issues with your in-laws. Your partner may feel uncomfortable using a certain language when talking about their mother. Or you may be upset by your partner`s behavior, which reminds you of your in-laws. Articulate exactly what each of you needs to feel supported by the other. It can be tempting to express your emotions about your partner, but make sure you don`t suppress your feelings.

I have a mom who drags me every time and slams her bedroom door I don`t like her, what she will do A toxic mother-in-law may be mean and rude to you, but she becomes a victim if you protest. What for? Well, while recounting a particular incident, she can change her tone and behavior so that the listener feels like you`re the one who hurt her when she was right, no matter what she did. Having an arrogant mother-in-law can be difficult for a number of reasons. However, there are ways to interact with it in a healthy way. If you respond effectively to their criticism, you can make sure that their presence is not harmful to you and your family`s mental health. Maybe it`s a good thing that he distanced himself from his mother. Sometimes people need a break from each other to calm down and decide how to proceed. I say it was very unfair for his mother to give an ultimatum, and I don`t even know how to respond to an ultimatum except as your fiancé did. Just give it time and don`t focus too much on the situation. Your future NDE will come or not. Whatever happens, it`s not about them.

It`s about getting married, starting your own family together. Don`t let them spoil that. I think you have a good partner by your side, and you will have a wonderful marriage. You`ve probably already tried to make an effort to meet your mother-in-law`s expectations. Instead of doing this, focus on what you need and want in your life. Pay attention to the moment you go above and beyond to meet their requirements. Doing what you know will be the best thing for your family in the long run. Very informative article. I think I would take approach 8.

Emphasize physical distancing. Spending a lot of time with negative people can affect you terribly, and sometimes you`re not even aware of it. So I would make sure to continue my life as normally as possible without it rubbing off on me.