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Salary Standardization Law for Barangay Officials

Pacquiao is the author of the Senate (SB) Bill No. 1956, also known as the «Barangay Civil Service Salary Normalization Act of 2020,» which aims to amend the Local Government Code to finally provide regular salaries and special hazard allowances to barangay officers and staff in the event of a disaster. The Local Government Code of 1991 mandates the Barangay Government Unit to serve as the main unit for planning and implementing government policies, plans, programs, projects and activities in the community, and as a forum where the collective views of the people can be expressed, crystallized and taken into account, and where disputes can be settled amicably. The country has repeatedly witnessed the selfless service of barangay officials and staff in carrying out the above-mentioned tasks. This service has once again been dramatically exemplified and demonstrated in the leading role that our barangay leaders, staff and volunteers have played as fundamental partners of the national government in implementing policies, rules and regulations to control the impact of the COVIDl9 pandemic and, More importantly, to make it acceptable to our compatriots at the community level. The barangay organization also effectively assisted the PNP and AFP in controlling movement between the boundaries of the barangay, one of the solutions that directly contributed to minimizing the spread of COVIDl9 infection. In addition, and despite the threat to their own health, barangay staff helped monitor and identify people severely affected by COVID19 in their barangays, and in order to achieve the goal, in many cases, they quickly took them to hospitals and identified quarantine facilities. The bill also provides insurance coverage under the Public Service Insurance System, the Pag-Ibig Fund and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation for barangay officers. —Julie Aurelio and Inquirer Research As the country experiences the ongoing impact of the COVID19 pandemic in the country and its management by the IATF and in similar situations in the future that may be declared by the national government, and recognizing that barangay officials and staff have primary responsibility for the on-the-ground strategy to be implemented and maintained, COVID19 and future emergency control mechanisms will receive civil servants and the Barangay staff receive a Special Risk Allowance (SRA), the amount and duration of the eligibility period of which is determined by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Local Government (DILG). This system comprises three processing classes, namely: 1. Barangay Grade I for barangay officers, as already provided for by law, and other barangay personnel whose positions are provided for by regulation of the corresponding barangay with a salary of P 15,000 per month; 2. Grade II of barangay salaries for election officers of barangays of the Slovak Republic and SB, except for the Punong barangay with a salary of P 25,000 per month; and 3. Barangay salary level III for Punong Barangay with a salary of 35,000 pula per month.

«It is high time that our barangay officers receive what they deserve and recognize their important role in providing government services to communities,» reads the explanatory memorandum to the law. In addition to fees, barangay officials are also entitled to other benefits, such as a Christmas bonus in the form of a cash gift in an amount authorized by law; Insurance coverage; medical care, consisting of free hospitalization in public hospitals; and school fees, which may be extended to two of their legitimately dependent children for the duration of their term of office. In 1996, Executive Order No. 332 The Barangay in the Government`s Uniform System of Position Classification and Compensation. This made it possible to adjust the fees to a maximum rate corresponding to the first step of salary level 14 (32,321 pesos) for the President and salary level 10 (22,190 pesos) for Sanggunian members. Drafted by six lawmakers, House Bill 502, or Barangay Civil Service Salaries and Insurance Act, recognizes the role of the barangay, the smallest local government entity, as the «people`s first safe haven.» As regular government employees, Pacquiao said civil servants and barangay employees are also entitled to a 13th month`s salary, a Christmas bonus of 3,000 pesos and other bonuses provided by law.