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New Orleans Legal Nonprofits

Green Justice brings together independent public interest lawyers to provide accessible legal support on various issues and train future ethical lawyers. Information is an important tool for us to make decisions and understand the issues we face in times of uncertainty. We`ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about COVID-19. This includes general information about where to find help and answer your legal questions. Our Associations and Not-for-Profit Group has extensive experience advising numerous professional, trade and other not-for-profit associations on legal issues specific to their particular status and activity. Each year, we honour lawyers, law firms, students, organizations and members of the judiciary who have provided, enhanced and honoured pro bono legal services. These services are essential to the growing number of people in our region. Our Admissions Coordinator, Melissa Tierney, gives a short tutorial on the application process, eligibility requirements, and legal resources available to the local communities we serve. For more information, contact them by email. The mission of the pro bono project is to provide free, high-quality civil justice services to underserved members of our community. By hiring lawyers, paralegals, law students and individual volunteers to provide pro bono services, the pro bono project serves clients who might not otherwise have access to the civil legal assistance they need. Our work is more important today than ever before in our thirty-four-year history.

Best Lawyers uses a sophisticated, conscientious, rational and transparent survey process to obtain meaningful and substantial assessments of the quality of legal services. We have always believed that the quality of a peer-reviewed survey is directly related to the quality of voters. Like Katrina, our community will ask each other for information, support and help. The Pro Bono Project staff and volunteers are here for southeast Louisiana. For legal and non-legal resources, visit our hurricane resources page and contact us with any questions. To apply for legal assistance, call 504.581.4043 or go online to our Application for Legal Aid. Recognition by Best Lawyers is based entirely on peer review. Our methodology is designed to capture as accurately as possible the consensus opinion of leading lawyers on the professional skills of their peers in the same geographic area and area of law. «Coronavirus Could Overwhelm Legal Aid for America`s Poor,» by Todd Ruger, Roll Call William Most is an environmental and civil rights attorney based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has worked with individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, cities and tribes in a variety of administrative, judicial and transactional contexts.

He has worked to prevent oil and gas companies from releasing known carcinogens into drinking water, representing inmates deprived of doctor-prescribed medical care, and negotiating the resolution of various discrimination cases. In 2015, Mr. Most filed two civil rights lawsuits on behalf of Glenn Ford, a Louisiana who spent twenty-nine years on death row before being exonerated and released. He holds a J.D. from UC Berkeley School of Law and an A.B. from Harvard University.Licentiate in: California, Louisiana Most of our cases are «low bono», meaning that our clients pay a portion for representation, but not all of the fees charged by private companies. We will accept certain pro bono cases with funds obtained through fees or other rewards. Our unique structure, which brings together individual practitioners and law students, reduces costs for clients and allows for better access to professional legal services. Green Justice is designed to fill the void for those who are unable to pay regular court fees, but for some reason do not have access to pro bono support. Building a stronger pro bono culture in the state of Louisiana sets the stage for 2022 as a year of collaboration, community, and access to justice. The Pro Bono Project is pleased to join the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Access to Justice Commission and the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court in the «20 in 2022» campaign. Our goal is to recruit lawyers for 20 hours pro bono per year.

With the support of the local Bar and Judiciary Association, we are recruiting young and experienced practitioners to support access to justice for Louisians who need basic legal assistance. The pro bono project reaffirms its commitment to the administration of civil justice through voluntary support. Through our work, we can bring about change and achieve social justice and fair legal representation. We demand that we do better and strongly encourage the legal community to join us in ensuring equal justice. «Louisiana Approves Money for Civil Legal Aid and Joins Most Other States» by Richard A. Webster, Times-Picayune As part of its commitment to pro bono service, Stone Pigman attorneys regularly offer free legal representation to qualified individuals and nonprofit organizations. We encourage our lawyers to offer pro bono legal services in partnership with advocacy and non-profit organizations, including the New Orleans Pro Bono Project, Louisiana Appleseed, the Entertainment Law Legal Assistance Project (ELLA), the Homeless Experience Legal Protection (HELP) program and others. Our lawyers are often selected for awards based on our pro bono efforts. We act as general counsel for various associations and non-profit organizations, including: LBF is proud to support the following organizations: Acadiana Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) is a private, not-for-profit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals in southwestern and central Louisiana.

ALSC provides services in a wide range of legal areas, including consumers, education, family, youth, health, housing and utilities. (Alexandria, Lafayette and Lake Charles) Learn more about ALSCAdvocacy Center protects and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities in Louisiana and people sixty years of age or older by providing legal representation, information and referrals, education and training, and system representation. (New Orleans) Learn more about the Advocacy Center Arts Council of New Orleans` Entertainment Law Legal Assistance (ELLA) project provides pro bono legal assistance to low-income artists, musicians, and nonprofits in Louisiana. ELLA provides assistance in copyright and intellectual property, business formation, non-profit training, contract review, contract disputes and other civil matters. ELLA is a partnership between the Arts Council, Tipitina`s and Tulane Law School. (New Orleans) Learn more about the New Orleans Arts Council, the Baton Rouge Bar Foundation offers a variety of programs for the public, including coordinating free legal services for the poor, rights-related educational events for children and the public, and a juvenile court for first offenses. (Baton Rouge) The Baton Rouge Children`s Advocacy Center (BRCAC) works to reduce the trauma experienced by child victims when investigating allegations of abuse and to provide assistance in subsequent proceedings within the criminal justice system. They serve abused children in the parishes of East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge. (Baton Rouge) More information about BRCACBeauregard Community Concerns – June Jenkins Women`s Shelter provides shelter, advice and brief legal advice to victims of domestic violence in Beauregard and Vernon parishes.