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Zhou,Tingting Lei,` Mahima Thapa,Rita E. Chenâ &â Ali H. Ellebedy Hassen Kared, Asia-Sophia Wolf, ⦠Siri Mjaaland Gadala-Maria, D., Yaari, G., Uduman, M. & Kleinstein, S. H. Automated analysis of high-throughput B-cell sequencing data shows a high frequency of novel alleles of the immunoglobulin V gene segment. USA 112, E862-E870 (2015). The mutation frequency was calculated by counting the number of germ sequence nucleotide mismatches in the observed variable segment of the heavy chain up to CDR3, excluding the first 18 positions that could be prone to error due to primers used to generate the monoclonal antibody sequences. The calculation was performed using the calcObserved Mutations function of SHazaM v.1.0.2 (Ref.

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Resistance of SARS-CoV-2 variants to neutralization by monoclonal and serum-derived polyclonal antibodies. Med. 27, 717-726 (2021). M.K.O Etude Legal, distinguishes itself by its multidisciplinary approach and its sharp understanding of the business reality of its clients. Teresa Suessen, William D. Middleton &Â Sharlene A. Teefey Stadlbauer, D. et al.

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L. et al. Regulation of germ center reactions and B cell memory by the chromatin modifier MOZ. United States 111, 9585-9590 (2014). A.H.E.`s laboratory received funding through sponsored research agreements unrelated to the data presented in this study from Emergent BioSolutions and AbbVie. A.H.E. is an advisor to Mubadala Investment Company and founder of ImmuneBio Consulting. J.S.T., A.J.S., M.S.D. and A.H.E.

are the recipients of a license agreement with Abbvie that is not related to the data presented in this study. M.S.D. is an advisor to Inbios, Vir Biotechnology, Fortress Biotech and Carnival Corporation and serves on the scientific advisory boards of Moderna and Immunome. The M.S.D. laboratory has received independent financial support through sponsored research agreements from Moderna, Vir Biotechnology and Emergent BioSolutions. A patent application related to this work has been filed by the University of Washington School of Medicine. The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has filed patent applications for SARS-CoV-2 serological tests and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines based on NDV with F.K. as co-inventor. Mount Sinai created a company, Kantaro, to commercialize serological tests for SARS-CoV-2.

F.K. has advised Merck and Pfizer (prior to 2020) and currently advises Pfizer, Seqirus and Avimex. F.K.`s lab is also collaborating with Pfizer on animal models of SARS-CoV-2. The laboratory of P.-Y.S. received sponsored research contracts from Pfizer, Gilead, Merck and IGM Sciences Inc. The contents of this manuscript are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of NIAID or NIH. No statistical methods were used to predetermine sample size. Polack, F.

P. et al. Safety and efficacy of the mRNA-Covid-19 vaccine BNT162b2. N. Engl. J. Med. 383, 2603-2615 (2020).

Amit, S., Regev-Yochay, G., Afek, A., Kreiss, Y. & Leshem, E. Early reduction in the rate of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 in individuals vaccinated BNT162b2. Lancet 397, 875-877 (2021). The plates were covered with the seasonal influenza virus vaccine Flucelvax Quadrivalent 2019/2020 (Sequiris), S or RBD. A direct ex vivo ELISpot test was performed to determine the total number of vaccine-binding or recombinant IgG and IgA-secreting cells in PBMC samples using two-color IgG/IgA ELISpot kits (cellular technology) according to the manufacturer`s instructions. The ELISpot plates were analyzed with an ELISpot meter (mobile phone technology). Wrammert, J. et al.

Broad cross-reactive antibodies dominate the human B-cell response against pandemic H1N1 influenza virus infection 2009. 208, 181-193 (2011). Weisel, F. J., Zuccarino-Catania, G. V., Chikina, M. & Shlomchik, M. J. A time switch in the germinal center determines the differential performance of B memory and plasma cells.

Immunity 44, 116-130 (2016). Turner, J. S., Benet, Z. L. & Grigorova, I. B cells primed by the transient antigen can generate several subsets of memory cells. PLoS ONE 12, e0183877 (2017). Staining for analysis and sorting by flow cytometry was performed using freshly isolated or cryopreserved samples of FNA, PBMC or almonds.

For analysis, the cells were incubated for 30 min on ice with soluble recombinant conjugated biotinylated S and Alexa Fluor 647 and-1-BB515 (EH12.1, BD Horizon, 1:100) in 2% FBS and 2 mM EDTA in PBS (P2), washed twice, then 30 min on ice with IgGâBV480 (goat polyclonal, Jackson ImmunoResearch, 1:100), IgAâFITC (M24A, Millipore, 1:500), CD45âA532 (HI30, Thermo, 1:50), CD38âBB700 (HIT2, BD Horizon, 1:500), CD20âPacific Blue (2H7, 1:400), CD27âBV510 (O323, 1:50), CD8âBV570 (RPA-T8, 1::200), IgMâBV605 (MHM-88, 1:100), HLA-DRâBV650 (L243, 1:100), CD19âBV750 (HIB19, 1:100), CXCR5âPEâDazzle 594 (J252D4, 1:50), IgDâPEâCy5 (IA6-2, 1:200), CD14âPerCP (HCD14, 1:50), CD71âPEâCy7 (CY1G4, 1:400), CD4âSpark685 (SK3, 1:200), streptavidinâAPCâFire750, CD3âAPCâFire810 (SK7, 1:50) and Zombie NIR (all BioLegend) diluted in Brilliant Staining Buffer (BD Horizon). The cells were washed twice with P2, fixed for 1 h at 25 ° C with the True Nuclear Fixation Kit (BioLegend), washed twice with a True Nuclear Permeabilization / Washing buffer, with FOXP3âBV421 (206D, BioLegend, 1:15), Ki-67âBV711 (Ki-67, BioLegend, 1:200), TbetâBV785 (4B10, BioLegend, 1:400), BCL6âPE (K112-91, BD Pharmingen, 1:25) and BLIMP1âA700 (646702, R&D, 1:50) for 1 h at 25°C, washed twice with True Nuclear Permeabilization/Wash Buffer and taken on an Aurora with SpectroFlo v.2.2 (Cytek). Flow cytometry data were analyzed with FlowJo v.10 (Treestar). A.H.E., J.A.O. and R.M.P. designed and designed the study. J.A.O., A.H., M.K.K. and R.M.P. prepared and maintained the minutes of the Institutional Review Committee, recruited and phlebotomized participants, and coordinated sample collection. J.S.T., E.K., W.K., A.J.S.

and T.L. treaty. J.S.T., E.K., W.K. and A.J.S. performed ELISA and ELISpot. R.E.C. and J.B.C. performed neutralization tests. J.S.T., E.K., W.K., A.J.S., T.L.

and M.T. produced and characterized monoclonal antibodies. A.J.S. performed RNA extractions and library preparations for mass sequencing of B cell receptors. J.Q.Z. analyzed data from the B. T.S. and W.D.M. cell receptor repertoire performed the AFF. W.D.M. and S.A.T. monitored lymph node examination prior to FNA and specimens and evaluated lymph node ultrasound data.

A.J.S. expressed the S and RBD proteins of SARS-CoV-2.