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Mind Legal Line

If you need information about mental health and our helplines are closed, please check out our online mental health information from start to finish or contact NHS 111. Shelter provides advice, information, support and legal assistance to people who are experiencing housing issues, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Please note that our text support service is now closed. As the number of calls to our Infoline broke records and the use of our text messaging service dropped significantly, we had to deploy our resources where people need them most. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, but we want to assure you that you will never be without a place to support you. In addition to our Infoline, email or web chat service, there are many other ways to get help. Naturally, there are significant legal grey areas in which we, as parents without permanent power of attorney, cannot actively do much. Mind was also a great source of support, and their team was able to guide me through more legal areas, such as how to request a power of attorney, the key processes in a Section 3, and the processes to be followed to discharge a sub-section patient for other care (and most importantly, if the hospital should involve us). Every time I leave the phone, I feel like I`ve not only learned something new that will help me get things done, but I`ve also had a conversation with someone who cares about me.

This is a really welcome contrast to many of our other calls with other parties involved in Monica`s life, many of which can be frustrating. Provides legal information and general advice on mental health law, including mental health, mental performance, community care and human rights, as well as discrimination and equality related to mental health issues. 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline – Call or write to 988 if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts or experiencing a mental health crisis and contact a qualified crisis counsellor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crisis counsellors listen with empathy and without judgment. Your crisis counsellor will ensure you feel safe and help you identify options and information about mental health services in your area. 988 is the new, shorter phone number that will facilitate access to mental health services. Crisis Text Line – Send NAMI to 741-741 Connect with a crisis counselor trained to receive free 24/7 crisis support via SMS. National Domestic Violence Helpline – Call 800-799-SAFE (7233) Trained specialist lawyers are available 24/7 to provide confidential support to anyone experiencing domestic violence or looking for resources and information. Help is available in Spanish and other languages.

National Sexual Assault Helpline – Call 800-656-HOPE (4673) Contact a trained employee of a sexual assault service provider in your area who provides access to a range of free services. Crisis chat support is available on the online hotline. Free help, 24/7. Our hotlines and helplines page lists many other services that may be right for you. The Law Clinic at the University of Bristol provides pro bono legal advice. The service is currently completely remote and help can only be provided to people who can email their documents to the service. Emails, letters and call recordings are securely stored and deleted after three months for Mind Infoline and seven years for Mind Legal Line. Home / How we can help / Information / National legal policy âMeasures to prepare you for the possibility of a crisis can help you act quickly, calm your mind and reduce the impact when a crisis situation arises. Navigating a Mental Health Crisis: A NAMI Resource Guide for Those Experiencing a Mental Health Emergency provides important and potentially vital information for people in mental health crisis and their loved ones.

Mind Infoline and Legal Line are confidential services. We want you to feel safe when you talk to us. We would only have to share what you tell us with someone if: Our Infoline offers an information and orientation service. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (except public holidays). Bristol Law Centre is a charity that provides free legal information and advice on the specialities of employment law to people who otherwise would not be able to afford access to justice and represents these clients in court. Telephone calls from UK landlines are charged at local rates. Email: [email protected]Position: Mind Infoline, PO Box 75225, London, E15 9FS We provide legal information and general advice on mental health law which covers: «The HelpLine online knowledge and resource centre is available and provides an extensive library of valuable information and answers to our most frequently asked questions. The Mind Legal Line, provided by National Mind, provides legal information and general advice on mental health law.

Unfortunately, the NAMI helpline is unable to provide psychological counselling, counseling, personal advocacy or referrals to mental health providers or advocates. The NAMI helpline does not provide case-by-case work, legal representation or any type of individual advocacy. The NAMI Helpline is not a helpline, hotline or suicide prevention line. If you or someone you know is going through a crisis, please check out the following resources. The NAMI Helpline is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET. Call 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), text «HelpLine» to 62640 or email us at [email protected] We are looking for specialists who connect individuals and families with essential mental health resources and services. Currently, volunteers work from home and communicate with those seeking help by phone, web chat and SMS.

Volunteers will need a computer and a high-speed internet connection. Note: We cannot help with student essays or research projects. Susan blogs about how the Mind Legal Line helped her when her mother developed psychosis and separated. Mobile phone charges vary widely. The cost of your call depends on your mobile operator and the contract you have with them. Resolve West is an independent, not-for-profit organization with over 30 years of experience providing confidential services to people in conflict or crime situations. Their expertise is in helping individuals and communities resolve their disputes, with services to those living in Bristol and the surrounding areas of Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset. It took me a while to digest my anger and bitter grief at the temporary loss of the Monica we know and the challenges her illness has brought us all. Since time allowed me to turn the corner, I have now managed to channel my energy into the things I`m good at, so I can support my husband and do my best for Monica.

I have asked her local MP to contact her council to ensure that municipal bailiffs are recalled and that she has received a municipal tax refund. I summarize the information by calling Mind and doing my own research instead and sending it to my immediate family members to keep us all informed. I raised money for my friend who runs the Marathon for Mind making and selling something creative. Each of these little things makes me feel stronger and like I`m doing something that gets things done. A big thank you to the whole Mind team, you have helped me a lot in this journey so far. Please note: We are currently very busy with the legal line and it may take up to 6 weeks for us to respond to your email or letter. We are sorry and hope to return to normal soon. Because we are here together, you are not alone. A relay assistant types or repeats the words that one of us uses so that we can speak. Telephone conversations are recorded, but only for training purposes. If you contact us by phone, we can see your phone number and we can use it if any of the situations listed above occur.

If you prefer to remain completely anonymous, you must remember your number before calling. Help individuals and families by connecting them to essential resources and services. NAMI has published the NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide to answer frequently asked questions about the interface between coronavirus, or COVID-19, and people affected by mental illness, their caregivers, and loved ones. If you or a loved one is in immediate danger, call 911 and may speak to the police. It is important to inform the operator that this is a psychiatric emergency and to request police officers trained or trained in crisis intervention to assist people who are in a psychiatric emergency. Stay connected, send a text, chat, phone call or email to the NAMI helpline today. For an open ear or just someone talking to the Samaritans, are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call them at 116 123 (toll-free) or by email [email protected] No one tells you what to do in the scenario where an adult living alone becomes a long-term patient Section There is no checklist.

Along with dealing with the immediate shock of illness in a family member (which, in our case, made Monica unrecognizable in her personality), there is a mountain of practical things that need to be worked out and managed. It`s really hard. Who handles the mail? What about that unpaid credit card? And should we keep the heating down? But who will pay for the gas? How can we keep the house insured if the property is vacant? We felt blind as we navigated the world of mental health and its care, new words to learn, processes and job titles we had never heard of. Don`t forget to request Language Line service when you call. The Shire Advice Service provides information, advice and advocacy on benefits, debt, housing, employment rights, consumer issues and family issues to people in the Shirehampton area of Bristol.